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Adoption Q & A

You can find answers to frequently asked questions and explanation of much of the terminology we use.


ADOPTION LINGO (explanation of terminology)


Domestic Adoption - Adoption of Children within the United States

International Adoption - Adoption of Children in countries outside the US.

Match - Countries process of matching family profile with a child(ren).

Referral - Documents stating information on the child(ren) that has been matched with a family.

Dossier - Compilation of all adoption documents for International Adoption.




Where are you adopting from exactly?  We will be adopting from Niger, Africa


Have you been matched yet?  Not yet.  Niger has a very fluid process and does not send referrals until later in the process.


Are you adopting multiples, a sibling group or just 2 babies?  Our hope is to adopt twins or 2 babies as close in age as possible.  


Will you for sure get two babies?  There are no guarantees, as is with any international adoption.  If multiples or two babies matching our profile are available at the time of referral, Niger will do their best to meet our request for two.  We need your prayers!


How long will it take?  The process of international adoption is never really set in stone and changes are a pretty rountine thing.  While we are hopeful that the process will be a year and half or sooner, we are fully aware the process could take longer.  


How much will the process cost?  The easy answer is roughly $53,980.  This is comprised of  the adoption process ($43,980)  and homestudy, immigration, fingerprints and travel ($10,000).  Click on the link above to see "How You Can Help".





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