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Update 1: Balancing Act

February 21st we took a leap of faith and decided it was time to jump into this process with our whole heart. We shouted our joy from the rooftops and launched a webpage in hopes of spreading our excitement. We hit the ground running, going full throttle and have not stopped for a moment. We are tired, weary, worn and at times so consumed by the immediate needs that it's hard to breath. 93 days and counting....

There have been moments I have wanted to rush to social media or blog about the many wonderful things that have me so over the moon. On the same token there are moments I have wanted to vent my frustration to the masses when only a few would truly understand. But there is a balance, a fine line on this journey, between saying something without saying anything at all. How to say just enough to keep you informed and know how to pray. This program, our program, is new and with that newness comes a certain leave of fragility. One misstep could jeopardize everything, not just for us, but also for all families involved. Knowing what to say and how to say it has been a challenge for me, and part of the reason this update is so long coming.

I tell you all of this so you will know that our heart is that you might walk with us every step of this journey, but also that you might understand that there will be moments where all we can do is ask you simply to pray. Please do not mistake our silence or lack of detail as being guarded, but rather our pursuit to protect a program and families we love.

So where are we at....

The past few months feel a bit like a blur. We have been compiling a pretty impressive stack of documents for our home study agency and preparing our home for said home study. We have completed biographies, doctors appointments, vet visits, blood work, fingerprints, FBI clearance, background checks, references, financial worksheets, etc...etc...etc....93 days people and we have not stopped for a moment! Some things have happened very quickly while others have been the notorious waiting game. We have seen God show up in incredible ways, I can't wait to tell you just how we have seen the impossible happen, nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

While we have been working gangbusters to get our home study started, we have hit a momentary roadblock. God has provided a beautiful new rental home for us to move into that will allow enough space for our growing family; sadly the home is not available until August 1st. After talking with both our home study and international agencies this week, the best option would be to wait until we move and then do our home study, rather than doing one now and paying for an update later. I am truly torn on how I feel about this, partially devastated that things are not moving and partially relieved not to have the added expense of an update. Our wonderful international adoption counselor reminded me this week, at the height of my discouragement, that this is all in Gods hands and whether we do the home study now or later will not change Gods timing. Oh how I needed to hear that!

This week we also received the listing of documents we will need for our dossier. The major blessing in having past failed and completed adoptions is that we have many of the documents on the list already on hand. It would be incredible painful to look through our past failed adoption files if we didn't believe firmly that God had us complete those documents then so we could have them now!

For the next 69 days we will be working on finishing international training online, compiling dossier documents and packing to move. As much as 69 days feels like an eternity, I know it will be gone before we know it. Our goal is to update you weekly on where we are at, please bear with us as we are balancing family, work, moving and a summer of student ministry activities. If I don't say this enough, we CANNOT do this without you. Your support, encouragement and prayers are absolutely invaluable. You matter to us and you matter to our babies. PLEASE hang with us these next few months, we need you!

I cannot think of a better way to close this update than to let you know how you can be praying with us....

Pray requests for May 23rd


*Time to complete international training

*Home study agency review and approval of our file

*Dossier document collect

*Upcoming yard sale fundraiser that we would be able to raise the additional $1100 needed for our home study

Thank you for sticking with us!

Until their home,


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