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our journey

Our adoption journey began in 2002.  After being married for 4 years we longed to start a family, 9 months and thousands of dollars later we were left without answers but an overwhelming sense that God had another plan.  We began to pray about the possibility of adopting.  


Our hearts were immediately drawn to international adoption.  When we did not meet the age requirements for China, we began to pursue adoption from Russia.  Shortly after beginning the process, Russia closed their internation adoption program.  


God provided by opening a door for us to adopt from El Salvador.  We began the process, submitted our dossier and waited.  Two and half years after starting the process, God closed the door to El Salvador.  We were heartbroken, but we had hope knowing God's timing is perfect.

In February 2009 we were contacted about a domestic adoption program in Texas.  We took a step of faith and began the process.  Shortly after starting the domesitc process we were contacted about a pilot program to Taiwan and we put our domestic process on hold.  We were very hopeful and excited at the possibility of adopting internationally.  Within seven months of starting the process we would come to find out that we did not meet the requirments to adopt from Taiwan.  We closed out the process and once again were presented with the possibility of a domestic adoption.  


After a great deal of prayer we felt peace that God was leading us to adopt domestically.  It would only be a few short months before we would be presented with the chance to meet with a birth mother.  We were nervous, but at complete peace.  On September 7th, 2010 our lives would change as we met an incredible young woman who would become apart of our family!  

On October 1st, 2010 God answered the cry of our heart, after 7 years of waiting, and our precious son was born.  We have been blessed with the most precious gift in both our son and his birth family.  We have seen God's hand move in might ways and are proof that it is possible to walk the journey of adoption and infertility with great joy!  



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